Does a Mini Session fit your lifestyle?

March 13, 2024

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you might consider trying a mini session this year.

  • Are you a busy mom and don't have time or energy to think about a photoshoot?
  • Do you have a phone that can take beautiful photos and you think you don't need a professional photographer?
  • Do you find challenging to schedule a photoshoot around a family's hectic life?
  • Do you stress about how to coordinate outfits for the family?
  • Do you worry about your child/children's behavior at a photo session?

As a mom, this is exactly how I feel when I need to make an appointment/booking for anything. You often make countless decisions daily for your family, thinking about choosing outfits or schedules can add to this load some more mental fatigue.

I got you. You want to preserve special moments and unique personalities of your family members through high quality photographs to tell your family's story.

Here are 5 reasons you might be a good fit for a Mini Session:

  1. TIME EFFICIENCY: I offer 15 minute Mini Sessions to provide a solution for busy moms like you. I value my time and yours, that's why I offer EASY, FUN and SHORT sessions. You can fit a 15 minute Mini session into your busy life without sacrificing the quality of the experience or the photos.
  2. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: I know smartphones are amazing and that makes it easier to take pictures, but there's a difference in quality between amateur and professional shots. Let me tell you why hiring a professional photographer is a better idea: -Professional photographers have a high quality equipment that helps us deal with situations more efficiently and quickly. -We have our eye trained for detail. -We'll take photos where you are included and not hiding behind the camera. -If you are interested in prints, the screens where we work on, are calibrated with professional labs to print your memories with accurate colors, and the print quality will be incomparable.
  3. EMOTIONAL CONNECTION AND STORYTELLING: I know you seek more than just a picture, you want photos that capture the essence and personalities of your family members. I provide not just photographs but memories captured in time, telling the unique story of your family.
  4. STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE: This is not the time to educate your child/children, to put them in time out or punish them for their behavior. Please, have fun, they are kids and want to play and that's what they are supposed to do. You can talk to them beforehand about the big equipment we as photographers use, so they don't feel intimidated.
  5. VISUAL CONTENT OR SOCIAL SHARING: I know you want to share your family's milestones and moments with friends and family through social media or through traditional keepsakes like printed albums or wall art. I provide both: digital and printed images.

How do you feel about all this information? Do you think you can commit to a 15 minute session with your family in exchange of a lifetime memories you can share with next generations?

We are alive now, let's celebrate that. If you are ready to try this experience with me this year, it's not to late. Please click on the link below to see my Mini sessions availability. If you want to think a bit more about this kind of experience, meanwhile you can join my VIP list to get a direct email with my next special mini session offer.


  • It's just 15 minutes of your busy schedule for a session. It takes longer to do laundry!
  • I will use my professional equipment to capture expressions, connection and fun moments with your love ones.
  • You don't have to look for your family's schedule on busy weekdays, I offer minis on Saturday and Sundays.
  • Select your family outfits and send me a photo! I'll make sure you look amazing even before your session.
  • Remember, this is a stress free session. Let's have fun and let the kids be kids.

I hope we can work together soon!

Warm wishes,